The Glass Ceiling, The Closed Factories, The Non-Aspirational Candidate

As one of the few people around me who all along thought it was going to be a walk in [Oak] Park, I feel I should lay out my reasons for what happened.

The Glass Ceiling, the Empty Factories, the Non-Aspirational Candidate.

If I had to put it in three categories, as the French like to do, these are the ones I would pick.

The Glass Ceiling certainly was active. Many people, including many women, simply recoiled at the idea of a seventies woman with her hands on the nuclear football. Were we all going to go down like that?

The Empty Factories: Why, Hillary didn't even visit Wisconsin! I remember once visiting a Nash car factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin, whose days are long gone. Wisconsin is part of a list of post-manufacturing states.

The Non-Aspirational Candidate: As for the losing candidate, well briefed, with a deep knowledge of the issues, extremely well liked within her own entourage, this woman with the flatlander accent couldn't somehow lift herself to a soaring height à la Obama, leading people, especially young people, to cast aside their worries and attach their aspirations to this woman.