The Godless Agenda

Christians! Save us!!

I don't want to talk about Donald Trump's immorality - Christians already know he is immoral. I want to talk more about how morality shapes our current politics.

It is not a mischaracterization to declare that abortion defines much of the politics of evangelicals. To put it even more simply, evangelicals tend to vote for Republicans because of the anti-abortion stance of the party. As far as I can tell, evangelicals believe abortion is godless and part of a godless agenda.

It is also not a mischaracterization to declare that being militarily hawkish defines much of the politics of Republicans. As far as I can tell, Republicans want to go into the Middle East, guns blazing. Most people of faith on the Democratic side, including myself, believe that an aggressive posture towards war is godless and part of a godless agenda.

Couldn't we both make an argument based upon the scriptures? Doesn't the sanctity of life include people in the path of war?

God is not with either party. God is God, and it is the party which aligns with what he is already doing that will be blessed. After all, and necessarily, only God determines what is and is not godless.

When Christian leaders throw around such terms as "godless agenda" when referring to the policies of Obama and Hillary Clinton, they are probably talking about abortion primarily. Now, with the Supreme Court at stake - that is, unless Republicans continue to obstruct the longstanding functioning of that constitutionally critical institution - Christians are loathe to vote for anyone who will put a liberal on the court, continuing to allow legal abortions.

But war is godless too. Many women will lose their children in the rubble of war, and God cares not that it is happening in Iraq or Africa, God loves those children also. It isn't so simple.

Will Trump nominate conservatives to the Supreme Court? He has a list - he says he will. Now, why do you believe him about the list? What in his history allows you to assume he will stick to his word about anything he has said on the campaign trail? Indeed, why would you not assume that Trump will nominate somebody who will, with all of their might, further enrich Trump?

Here's the truth, like from Jesus himself: You, me, Paul Ryan ... none of us has any clue whatsoever what Donald Trump would do as president, including his SCOTUS nominating.

Christians, why do you believe Trump about abortion when it is a fact - he himself says so - that he has sought to have sex with as many beautiful women as he could, even if they are married, even anticipating the day when they will be of legal age so that he can manipulate and hopefully grope them into bed? How is this man who devoted his life to impregnating women your savior about abortion? More importantly, why believe him at all?

We should be careful when calling others godless when that is not the case. Obama is not godless - none of his intentions are godless. Attila the Hun had a godless agenda; Hitler had a godless agenda; Chairman Mao had a godless agenda. It is certainly a mischaracterization to put Hillary Clinton in that category.

It is not, however, a mischaracterization to say that Vladimir Putin has a godless agenda. He smashed all of the young democratic institutions in Russia and has set himself up as the perpetual leader - he is a modern dictator, and as brutal as they come.

Trump is a businessman. Other than being an entertainer on TV, that is all he has ever been. So, without his business documents, without his taxes, we literally know nothing in detail about him. Could he have financial ties to people who have ties with Putin in the modern world? What is he hiding? More importantly, why let him hide? What's wrong with the light?

Hillary Clinton, though she is distasteful and not a saint in her own right, is at least the devil we know. Republicans have seen to that! We know she is not unstable or dangerous, for examples. Even Republican generals say Trump is a national security threat. He is, for all intents and purposes, a spoiled child trapped in a grown man's body. With tantrums and everything. Trump is the devil we haven't a clue about. Isn't it foolish to trust our future to that?

Christians, Trump doesn't care about abortions. Trump doesn't care about conservatism. Trump cares about Trump and money - only! - having declared so himself throughout his entire life. He wants to sleep with your beautiful daughters and demean those of lesser grade in his eyes. Now that is a godless agenda. Why would you trust him with this most sacred office?