The New York Review of Books ' Adventures in New Media

As I wrote last week, when we decided to start a book section, the first call I made was to the New York Review of Books' legendary founder Bob Silvers, asking if he'd be interested in partnering with us.

A week and a half into this partnership, I couldn't be happier that he said yes. Your response to the NYR pieces we've posted -- with lots of comments and insightful feedback -- has shown what an appetite our community has for the in-depth explorations that have been the signature of the Review for going on 50 years.

It's also great to see such a venerable institution getting excited by all that the new media have to offer. That's why I want to call your attention to the New York Review of Books' new blog -- yes, the NYR is taking a leap into the blogosphere!

You can sample some of the bloggers they are featuring here. They include some of the best thinkers and writers on the topics they are covering.

Posted under the heading, "Roving thoughts and provocations from our writers," among the posts the Review is featuring are Perry Link on the anniversary of the Chinese revolution, Jonathan Freedland on Obama's Nobel Prize, Ronald Dworkin on corporate political advertising, Jonathan Raban on a quest for Madame Bovary in Normandy, Martin Filler on the quagmire at Ground Zero, and Ian Buruma on the new Japanese prime minister.

So click here to get a taste of what these gifted writers have to say... then click over to the NYR to savor a very satisfying meal.