'The Ivy League Hustle (I Went To Princeton, B****)' Rap Pokes Fun At Life After College (VIDEO)

Some might be intimidated by a woman with an Ivy League education, but one Princeton alumna is determined to set the record straight with a catchy rap song.

In her video for "The Ivy-League Hustle (I Went To Princeton, Bitch)," comedian and actress Nikki "2k" Muller raps about life after graduating from the celebrated university.

WARNING: The video below contains adult language.

The song, which is dedicated to "all the ladies whose alma mater salts up their game," features lyrics about disastrous dates, monotonous side jobs and the First Lady herself.

"I got a lot in common with Michelle Obama / This brain, these arms and our alma mater," Muller raps as she recounts her years on campus studying literature and singing in the glee club.

However, as many recent graduates soon discover, a college degree doesn't necessarily lead to a six-figure salary.

"Yeah, you know they always told me that knowledge was power / So how come I can't make more than $14 an hour?" Muller asks, momentarily questioning her career as an artist.