The Lost Generation: 8 Reasons Why America's Youth Are Falling Behind

In the shadow of our faltering economy, America's students must cope with a host of issues: college affordability, mounting debt, unemployment. Attending college is no longer a meal ticket to a better life -- even the most educated are having trouble finding work. The fate of younger America -- mercilessly, but perhaps accurately, dubbed "Generation Debt" -- is uncomfortably uncertain, and the roots of the problem are planted in the mess that is this country's higher education system.

Arianna Huffington's new book, "Third World America," discusses the importance of finding new solutions to our country's education crisis. Touching on the following themes from our slideshow, she emphasizes how vital it is that we recognize the reality of this lost generation, and figure out how to build our education plan anew.

Below, we highlight the 8 most pressing issues affecting America's youth -- add your own in the comments section.