The Peace List (10 Must-Haves for Fall)

The Peace List (10 Must-Haves for Fall)
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Fall has a way of igniting a "new beginning" feeling deep within our souls. I love the smell of cool crisp air; it always creates an emotional feeling for me. Here are some things I think will aid in your peaceful lifestyle this fall, school or no school.

1. TOMS Shoes -- TOMS Shoes are all about giving back. With every pair of shoes you purchase, Toms gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need. How amazing is that? When I wear TOMS Shoes I feel a sense of happiness knowing that one child has a pair of new shoes because of me. TOMS Shoes are comfortable, not to mention hip. Some of the styles are even vegan. I love the Canvas Wedge in black worn with a pair of organic jeans. For men, I recommend the Highland Botas.

2. "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne -- This is a must-have, as in, "Order it right this instance!" This book is the best way to start your new life adventures this fall. I am a huge Rhonda Byrne fan and I have been waiting for this book for years. "The Secret" was instrumental in changing my life. You would not be reading these words if it was not for that book. Honestly, in the days prior to receiving "The Power" I thought to myself, how will Rhonda outdo "The Secret?" I can now scream from the rooftops, "She did it again!" This book is life-changing! Hint: it is all about THE LOVE! I could not put it down!

3. Grounding Necklace by Energy Muse -- When we switch seasons Energy Muse jewelry says it is important to get re-rooted into the energy of the Earth! The Grounding Necklace is perfect for re-rooting. I can't explain it; there is something about the way I feel when I wear this necklace that brings me peace. The Grounding Necklace is available in both men's and women's styles.

4. Vitamin D3 -- Because fall will soon be upon us, most of us will not be exposed to the healing powers of the sun throughout the coming months. One of the best ways to keep our vitamin D levels up is to supplement. Vitamin D3 is the only supplement I take. We simply cannot ignore the studies that suggest that vitamin D may keep many diseases at bay. I take a whole food vitamin D3 by Mega Food.

5. Organic Jeans -- Every fall, the first thing I start thinking about is pulling out my jeans from the drawer. This year I am all about my organic jeans. My favorite pair comes from Eileen Fisher! They fit amazingly and come in the straight fit I love. My husband is currently wearing Patagonia organic jeans, which are awesome as well!

6. BPA-Free Bento Boxes -- Bento boxes are so great; they are my new obsession. I found this great set that is BPA-free, of course. You can freeze the lids so food always stays fresh. They are also great for portion control. I feel like my food choices fit nicely in the little boxes and they are very stylish in their design. They're perfect for taking lunches to school or work!

7. Voltaic Solar Messenger -- This is one of the coolest things ever. It is a solar-powered messenger bag. It makes the best laptop bag, too, allowing me to carry all my rechargables in it. Just power it via the sun, then simply and easily plug in all your electronics to charge. For instance, one hour of sun will charge your iPod for three hours. Its recycled PET fabric is made from soda bottles.

8. Laken Reusable Water Bottles -- I demand that everyone have reusable water bottles! I use mine all the time, everywhere I go. I can't imagine life without them. Every day I revel in the thought of all the plastic bottles I am not purchasing. My favorite water bottles are Laken Bottles for both adults and kids. They are easy to use, BPA-free, hip looking, and made in Spain, not China.

9. Zen Alarm Clock -- September is all about starting to get back on schedule, especially if you have kids. I rarely use an alarm clock, but when I do, I use my digital Zen Alarm Clock. When it is time to wake up, a gradually-increasing chime begins your day with peace and calmness. It is the most peaceful way to wake in the morning short of waking naturally. When I hear those crazy-loud blaring buzzes or blasting music from traditional alarm clocks, I literally cringe. How can that in any way be a peaceful way to wake up to begin a beautiful new day? It can't!

10. Kindle -- There is a lot of confusion as to whether or not digital books are better for the environment. I love books and I dream about the day my book is published. I will finally have the opportunity to pen my name to an actual book. I think books will be around for a while, but, I do love the Kindle. I have to argue that the Kindle is probably greener if you consider paper, ink, transporting books, etc. You can order any book at any time no matter where you are. It is also great for simplifying your life.

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