The Secret

Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk "A beautiful, evocative sophomore effort from Newbery honoree Wolk (Wolf Hollow, 2016
​​​​​​​​​​1. You have trouble asking for help.
The idea of even asking the question, "What is the secret to happiness?" or how to find it might seem impossible to the average man, but filmmaker Adam Shell quickly shows that he is anything but average as he seeks to take on the complicated question with his new film; Pursuing Happiness.
So when you're in that positive state you become an attractor magnet for bringing more beneficial experiences into your life.
Wouldn't it be lovely to ask the Universe for exactly what you want (more money, for example), and KNOW that it was going to land in your lap?
I made the decision there to start afresh with a gratitude journal. Along with the help and support of a few colleagues, we made a habit to express gratitude for three things each day.
It was reported that last month Oprah Winfrey made anywhere from $42 to 60 million in one day.
You know The Secret? How it became all the rage a few years ago? Well, I was way into The Secret (Abraham Hicks), and Law of Attraction way before they became famous on Oprah and housewives with bad perms picked up on it.
At some points in the book I actually thought I was being pranked. "This can't be real," I thought. Someone from The Onion