The Planet Is Sending Us a Message

Many humans like to be seen to be doing the best for the environment by other humans, but the majority are not. Whilst we humans may not all be aware of this, we often forget that the house we live in, the Earth and it's other residents in nature do not miss a beat and are constantly sending us messages.

There are so many issues to address in this modern day, which are crucial to our survival as a species, but whilst this list is forever growing, a few other things are occurring. Many of us are aware that change needs to occur, but many of us are caught up in the rat race that we call life and simply cannot afford the time, nor afford to eat while we save the world. When humans feel they have less control over their external environment, they turn inwards and begin to work on themselves. In a world that is seemingly going mad, we turn inwards; we feel that as long as we are controlling ourselves, then everything is ok. We then begin to socialise with others who are doing the same and develop this collective consciousness that we are all helping each other, when in fact we are doing the contrary, but we feel good about ourselves, which is the self-fulfilling prophecy we were seeking in the first place.

When we spend so much time turning inwards that we fail to recognise the vital information being given to us from external sources. We fail to recognise that the planet we spend our lifetimes on, which we take for granted, is sending us messages, telling us to change our ways for the better or face the consequence. It's a universal law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, this we know. So why do we seem so surprised when parts of the world flood, or burst into flames, or when the Earth shakes and destroys our cities and many, many lives? Is this not Earth's way of sending us a message?

We are only human. So often I believe we forget this. Just because we speak languages that other humans understand does not mean we are superior to other living things on this planet. Look at sharks as an example, particularly where I live, in Australia. They are getting bigger, more aggressive and closer to the beach; they are sending us a message. We are messing with their lives and they are going to eat us one by one until we realise this. I believe that whilst other species of animals and plants are forever growing, changing and evolving. I believe we humans have peaked and are going backwards on a large scale and at a fast pace. My only hope is that the children born from the year 2000 and beyond who of a higher vibration than those born before them will grow up in a completely different mindset, one of less ego and of greater humanitarianism and will change this world for the better and for the future to come. I can't wait for the day where wealth is celebrated on Instagram by pictures of how many vegetables each home is growing for themselves, or how many trees someone planted for the day, not about their latest Gucci bag or Range Rover purchase. Why don't we start reporting how many new humans are born each day, instead of those who have been murdered, tortured or how have died of various ailments.

We celebrate wealth in the most arrogant of ways, we develop social platforms to do so, we measure popularity based on hitting a 'like' button on a screen on a device. We are saturated day in and day out by the next celebrity scandal, the next song that 'breaks the internet', sure, this gives us something to do in our idle time, but will it feed me one day when the food runs out?

Money ranks highly at the top of such pyramids, as does power and the selected few that hold it, and for what I must ask? It's pretty lonely at the top. Humans all across the globe wake up daily to actively seek and destroy other humans, willingly and knowingly, and for what? Greed? Power? Resources? Honestly, we really don't graduate from school sometimes, we essentially are just larger children who are no longer stealing others play toys in the classroom, but other peoples, oil, money and the opportunity to live a decent and fulfilling life. As long as you are giving your 30 dollars a month to a charity, then you can feel good about yourself though.

What I find interesting about this is that at the core of politics across the globe, is utter disarray and disagreements on a large scale, yet we, the hamsters on the wheel are expected to conform and act in accordance with laws and social norms. I see little examples from those 'leading' this world for me to follow. Once again, I see grown school children throwing mud at each other in the classroom that is politics.

I feel like I need to point out that it is 2016, but, as I do this, I feel like I should not have to point this out. In 2016 I'd expect that such points I've raised above should not need to be pointed out, but I do feel like that so I've done it.