Former 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Members Gather In Eerie Homage To 'The Shining'

“Every time I come back to SNL, I never want to leave,” Rudolph says... ominously.

Horror met comedy in a strangely affecting sketch with former cast member Maya Rudolph reminiscing with ghosts of “Saturday Night Live’s” past on a set staged to look like the hotel in “The Shining.”

Former cast member Tina Fey played fictional early “SNL” writer Gloria Zellwig.

“I was one of the first to have the idea that maybe the women could talk,” Fey told Rudolph. “Do people still have sex during the HR meeting?” she asked.

Fey explained that her character died of “perm cancer” (so “worth it,” she noted), and that she was now a ghost.

But when Rudolph felt the face of returning cast member Rachel Dratch (who appeared to be “The Shining’s” woman in a bathtub), she got a poke in the eye because Dratch wasn’t a ghost. She was just there taking a bath on the set because the water was out in her building.

“SNL” veteran Kristen Wiig played both creepy twins from “The Shining.” Kenan Thompson rounded out the crew as Scatman Crothers, and Alex Moffat played the oily barkeep.

“Every time I come back to ‘SNL,’ I never want to leave,” said Rudolph.

She’s there, “trapped” in an old photo hanging on the wall as the sketch faded out.

Check it out in the video up top.