Maya Rudolph

The company is supposedly dumping its cartoon mascots, saying it's realized that "even a candy's shoes can be polarizing."
The “Saturday Night Live” alums revealed one of their favorite sketches together.
“I did not have a good time,” she recalled about her first time on the late-night talk show.
“I’m sweating! Beyoncé’s head is wet! This wing is wrecking me,” Rudolph's Beyoncé said during the "Saturday Night Live" sketch.
“Every time I come back to SNL, I never want to leave,” Rudolph says... ominously.
"Harris" called Short her "load bearing wall" who's "always on top of my basement."
"We're so close to the end" of the pandemic, "let's ruin it!" says Cece Vuvuzela (Maya Rudolph) on crazy game show.
The entire cast of “Saturday Night Live” wanted to flee when the then-"Apprentice" host first came on the show in 2004.
The three "SNL" legends opened the last episode of 2020 with a nonsensical rendition of “My Favorite Things.”
Alex Moffat replaced Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) got vaccinated against COVID-19.