The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Sweetheart Candy
Valentine's Day Sweetheart Candy

Well ladies that time of year is once again upon us. That damn Valentine's Day. You know that holiday that if you're totally single reminds you that you're totally single. So, before you begin the annual panic attacks, freak outs, breakdowns, meltdowns and all other trainwreck like behavior. Grab yourself a cup of joe and keep on reading because I have a solution that can make any single girl's V-Day feel like a slice of heaven. It's a little ritual I've practiced for the past few years and I absolutely love it. I can honestly say my last bad Valentine's Day was in 2011. That year I got roses from an ex who was constantly trying to win me back and for a moment I thought oh how sweet, that is until his girlfriend called me up informing me that the two had been an item for quite some time. I trashed the roses and told him to never contact me again. The day didn't end with me having a meltdown just highly annoyed. In previous years I made vows to never leave my house for any reason on Valentine's Day. I even requested the day off from work in advance. The thought of seeing co-workers receive gift baskets, roses, candy and large teddy bears holding hearts with I love you written on them just made me downright sick. I'd stock up on junk food days in advance and spent my V-Day at home in bed. Surprisingly me, a bunch of snacks, and a good Lifetime movie marathon wasn't so bad (lol) but I knew, it was unhealthy for me to allow one day out of the year to send me into such reclusion. So, what did I do you ask? I changed the game. Yep!!! I flipped the script on old Saint Valentine's. And I called it the Single Girls Guide to Valentine's Day!!! Now that I have mastered surviving Valentine's Day, I am going to teach other single ladies how to do the same.

Phase One
Spend the entire day pampering yourself. Head to the spa and get a yummy facial try the avocado if your spa has it. Get a Deep Tissue or Swedish massage, almost all Spas offer these two if nothing else. Grab yourself a mani-pedi and choose a color that's bright and sexy. I personally recommend Big Apple Red or Thrill of Brazil both by O.P.I. They are very popular. I haven't met a nail tech yet that didn't have them handy. Are you starting to feel the excitement of what this day could be for a single gal such as yourself? If not, keep reading, I've got more. After you've finished your morning at the spa go shopping. Buy yourself a sexy LBD (#LittleBlackDress). Go for something that sparkles and throw in some shoes and a few accessories while you're at it. Purchase the biggest box of chocolates you can find and a bouquet of flowers or better yet plan ahead by ordering them from a local shop and have them delivered. That way if you decide to skip all of my suggestions you can at the very least stay in bed all day binging on chocolates, Lifetime and Netflix. After shopping head to the salon and get your hair shampooed (with a scalp massage). Have your stylist give you a blowout and add a few curls or go for the Feathered Farrah. Grab lunch with a friend or go alone. Have lunch on the restaurant's patio if the weather's nice enough. I live near the beach so weather is usually kind during the midday.

Phase Two
After you've finished your day out head home and get Glammed. While putting yourself together dance around the house and in the mirror to super fun songs. Call up your single gal pals and have a fabulous Girls Night Out!!! Go see a movie and make sure it's a comedy because tonight you only want to laugh. They'll be no tears!!! Go to dinner, order a bottle of your favorite wine, have a steak, and don't forget dessert. Order the restaurants themed V-Day dessert. Splurge on you without giving it a second thought.

Phase Three
End the night at your favorite club dancing the night away. Do your sexiest laugh out loud all night, smile, be cute, and have fun. After all it's you that defies your happiness and how you spend not just Valentine's Day but each day of your life. Love yourself most.

Having read this I hope you now feel like the baddest chick on the planet or at the very least your spirits have been lifted. Happy Valentine's Day to all my singles out there. Now go plan to enjoy your day.

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