THE TALK: Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God v. Colorado Springs

Faith is not a set of ridiculous beliefs, it's a way of being. 

An artist is still the best theologian. In this talk given in Colorado Springs to 300 people in the stunning Pikes' Peak Library, I introduced my new book and the ideas behind it. 

Somewhere between the sterile, absolute, and empty formulas of reductionist, totalitarian science and the earnest, hostile, excessively certain make-believe of religious fundamentalism, there is a beautiful place. There is room in this place for honesty. For tenderness. For fury. For wonder. For hope. For mistakes. For paradox. For grace.

This talk is given from that in-between place. It will help you get there too, if you're interested in finding the contradictions that make life worth living.  

In the battle between atheism and faith all too often all that is left is a scorched earth of absolutism. Is there another and better way than our addiction to certainty?

Maybe we need a new category other than theism, atheism or agnosticism that takes paradox and unknowing into account. It seems to me that there is an off-stage and an on-stage quality to my existence. I live on-stage, but I sense another crew working off stage. Sometimes I hear their voices singing in a way that's as eerily beautiful as the off-stage chorus in an opera.

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