The Year in Change

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I've had the opportunity to interview some very interesting people from all walks of life this year on my weekly podcast, Change Nation. It's always exciting to me that no matter what people go through or have been through that they can come out the other side positively, and share their experience to help others get through similar change.

We thought we'd pick some of the best nuggets of wisdom from our guests and present them in a clip show. We hope that hearing these "best-of" tips will motivate you to keep going through whatever change you're experiencing or to embrace a change you've always wanted to make.

In this podcast, you'll hear from:
* Wayne Dyer, the "father of motivation," on dealing with emotions during change.
* Bob Harper, the trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser," on what really makes the difference for people when they're trying to lose weight.
* David Bach, finance expert and author, on saving money no matter how the economy is doing.
* Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a sex and relationships expert, on avoiding one of the biggest mistakes holding you back from the best sex of your life.
* Gail Blanke, a motivational speaker and author, on reinventing yourself and building up your confidence when going through change.

I'll be interviewing more intriguing people for Change Nation in the new year--stay tuned for Cherie Blair, Jim Wolfensohn and more.