This Comedian's Donald Trump Rant Is All You Need to Watch Before Voting!


With only six days left before the election, the race to the White House is as close as it has been. The election can easily go to either candidate. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump could be the new President of the United States. The global community appears to be dumbfounded and shaken by what's happening in America as the election of a new president will affect their economic future. Trumps' feelings towards Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans and other foreigners have genuinely scared a lot of people, but still he continues to rise. Think Progress' Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani researched what other countries felt about Trump in her article.

It seems that people outside of America think that this whole election race has been shocking to say the least but if its any consolation at least this traumatic and unpredictable year has given us some laughs. Saturday Night Live is receiving record ratings with their Alec Baldwin as Trump election skits. There have been so many parodies and skits about the election but Canadian Comedian Frankie "Trixx" Agyemang's rant is the funniest video we've seen all year.

Known as Trixx, the popular comic questions those voting for Trump saying, "What is going on in America? Do you enjoy sadness? Have you seen a playground with no children? That's what America will look like in November if you vote for... (Trump)" Then he turns his question to Black people voting for Trump asking a question we all have to think of. "When he gets rid of the Arabs and Mexican people do you think you get to stay? Circumcise your thoughts!!" I cried real tears and you will to. His videos have gone viral and been shared by our roomates at The Shade Room, Worldstar and celebrities like T. I and Trey Songz.

At one point, the idea of Donald Trump running for President seemed to be an enormous joke for the press and politicians on Washington themselves. Even the Republican party appeared reluctant to accept his win for their party. The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan barely acknowledged Trump's nominee at the Republican convention. Ryan struggled to even mention Trump by his name and did everything but endorse his party's own candidate saying, "Whatever we lack going into this campaign, we should not lack for motivation...This year of surprises and dramatic turns can end in the finest possible way when America elects a conservative governing majority." Well we don't know who America's next president will be but I do know who comedy's next breakout star is! You can keep up with Trixx on instagram, twitter and facebook.

photo by Michael Watler

Abesi Manyando is an Author and the Managing Editor of 7thandLotus.