This Is The One Hoverboard Explosion You Must See

"$600 down the drain."

We already know hoverboards can catch fire. But this new video of an incident in Los Angeles brings it home. It was the first known hoverboard explosion in the city, the L.A. Fire Department told the Los Angeles Times, and it was a doozy.

Delvon Simmons wrote on YouTube that after charging his board, it went kablooey just five minutes into the ride. "People be careful," he wrote, "they slipping cheap batteries in the boards to meet the demand."

Simmons told NBC News in L.A. that he was aboard the hoverboard Wednesday in the Koreatown district when the wheels began smoking. It eventually exploded, with Simmons providing commentary in the clip above. A cop shown witnessing the blowup called the fire department.

In the video, Simmons, who was uninjured, laments: "$600 down the drain."

According to NBC News, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating the hazards of hoverboards.

The fire happened days before a ban on the gadget was to be enforced on Metrolink trains in Southern California, the Times noted. Several airlines have already banned the hoverboards.

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