This Is The Proper Response To A Peacock Photobombing A Wedding Pic

The look on the junior bridesmaid's face is priceless.
09/15/2017 05:58pm ET | Updated September 18, 2017

When taking wedding photos, sometimes the unexpected happens.

Photographer Darryl Hammond was taking some group shots with newlyweds Emile and Tamatha Conway when a peacock wandered into the frame.

Hammond Photo Design Studios
The wedding party included (from left to right): Denzel Goins (the bride’s son), Albert Conway (the groom's father and best man), Joshua Stoxstell (the bride's nephew and ring bearer), Emile and Tamatha Conway (the newlyweds), Kaitlyn Conway (the groom's daughter and junior bridesmaid), Akira Jarmon (the bride's niece and flower girl), and Tracey Jarmon (the bride's sister and maid of honor.)

“After wedding ceremonies I normally take photos of the wedding party,” Hammond told HuffPost. “Right at the time when I was taking a series of posed shots, the peacock came out of nowhere and walked in front of the wedding party as if we were invading his property. None of us saw this coming; luckily I had my wide angle lens on my camera to capture this epic moment.”

Although most of the wedding party was able to keep their composure during the shot, one member of the group had the appropriate response:


Kaitlyn Conway, the groom’s daughter and a junior bridesmaid, “stole the show,” Hammond said.

We’d have to agree. Her expression truly says everything:

Darryl Hammond
When Hammond showed the peacock photos to the Conways, they noticed the priceless look on the groom’s daughter's face. 

Hammond said the bride and groom loved the peacock photo.

“This photo made it to my top five unique moments while shooting a wedding,” he said. “Memories are a lifetime, and I hope Emile and Tamatha Conway treasure this moment forever.”

The Conways were married on Aug. 25 at Myers Castle in Dyer, Indiana.   

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