This Is What Kids Really Think About Stacey Dash's Comments On Black History

"We're not canceling anything."

"Is that even legal?" 

That's what one little boy said in regards to Stacey Dash's recent comments about getting rid of Black History Month which set off a wave of reactions -- even kids are outraged! 

Photographer Eunique Jones Gibson and the people behind the "Because of Them We Can" campaign told a group of kids that Dash wanted to do away with Black History Month, and the priceless reactions from the kids, who didn't take the news silently, were hilariously spot on. 

The kids went on to outline the many great and insightful reasons why Black History Month does need to exist.

“It forces us to talk about our amazing history, and it didn’t begin with slavery,” they said. “No negativity, no stereotypes, all excellence because that’s who and what we are. We’re not canceling anything.”

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