3 Reasons Why Voting Matters for Women

Dear Women (and men),

Voting on Tuesday, November 4 matters so very much for women. Your participation is vital. Consider these three reasons to vote and just do it!

1. A woman's right to vote is young.

Women's right to vote is less than 100 years old. The 19th Amendment ratified by Congress in 1920 gave women the right to vote. Women fought very hard and suffered violence and danger to achieve that goal. Not voting disrespects their hard struggle and hard work. Your vote can help change the under-representation of U.S. women in political office, which in turn will create a different reality for our country. Women are 51 percent of the U.S. population, yet our political and corporate representation is much less. How can we expect legislation, regulation or policies to reflect our goals and needs if we are not actively involved?

2. Voting connects us.

Voting makes us part of a larger movement to make our government better and more responsive to our needs. We are the team of women. Women need to believe that we collectively can change the future for ourselves. By voting, you will act on that belief. We cannot rely on our elected officials to protect us from harm or guarantee our equality under the law. It is easy to become cynical about voting and elections. It is easy to become apathetic and not bother. Change requires action. Do your part to create an equitable, safe and respectful future.

3. Voting is power.

Women face discrimination in our healthcare system, judicial system, at work and in every day life. If you want equality, you MUST vote. If you want to end discrimination or violence against women, you MUST vote. Voting lets you speak up, speak out and be a contributing citizen. Democracy belongs to all of us -- not just those who speak the loudest. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Every vote moves us one incremental step closer to a better existence for women and everyone else. Change does not happen overnight, but by putting one foot in front of the other, stepping forward every day, we make a difference. Do yourself and all women a favor and vote. It matters.