'Thuggies', Oversized Hoodies Inspired By 'Snuggies', Create Buzz

We've all heard of the Snuggie, but have you met its cousin, the Thuggie? Yes, that's right. The pop-culture phenomenon has taken to the streets in this "oversized hoodie" version.

The product was born in Canada in 2009, but pictures of the merchandise have started resurfacing on the Internet.
Creator Bryan Pudney wore the long sweatshirt while skiing in Whistler, British Columbia, as a joke, but the idea was reportedly a hit, according to Why Not Apparel, Inc. The name "combines the absurdity of the Snuggie with the idiotic notion that wearing super long tee's somehow makes you gangster," Pudney told ESPN Action Sports.

The "pants-optional" garments retail for about $75 and are available in several color combinations, including red and gray lumberjack and Pepto Dismal. The fad is also available for baby.