TNT's Red Button Ad Invites Users To 'Push To Add Drama' (VIDEO)

What would it take for you to push this red button?

Money? Cupcakes? Or would simple curiosity get the best of you?

In this new advertisement for TNT -- the cable network that for years has rocked the slogan "We Know Drama" -- several people in a town in Belgium walk by the tempting display, but only a handful of brave souls take on the challenge.

Once the button is finally pushed, what follows is something -- or perhaps, everything -- straight out of a television drama: Ambulances wail; guns fire; burly men fight; a lady in a bikini speeds off on a motorcycle. You know, the usual.

The best part? The reactions of those who set off the action.

Participants look around, stunned, as the drama unfolds before their eyes. One woman even covers her ears as bullets zip through the air while her facial expression clearly asks, "What the heck did I just do?"

How does this publicity stunt end? Watch the video above to find out.

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