Todd Palin Offered Bristol A Car To Dump Levi

Todd Palin Offered Bristol A Car To Dump Levi

The full GQ profile of Levi Johnston is now online. The whole article is pretty interesting, especially if you're into bear hunting. But the most revealing passages from the subject himself come at the end, where he discusses his breakup with Bristol Palin.

Just going over there makes me pretty damn uncomfortable. I would call and say, "Can I pick him up?" It was, "No, you can't have him, but you can come see him." Just going over there, and Todd and Sarah sitting there staring at me, doesn't do it for me. Todd never says anything, really. Sarah, I don't know. She's a politician. She knows how to throw in a fake smile and look happy. They're pretty good at that.


Everybody was kind of like, we didn't talk as much anymore, you know, and we just kind of like drifted apart, as far as me and Sarah and Todd. Then me and Bristol just started fighting more and more. I thought it was, like, 'cause she was pregnant, she was moody and that kind of thing. So I was dealing with it and stuff. But it didn't stop after she had Tripp. Things got worse. So I was like, "All right."

As to whether he wanted to get back together with Bristol, Levi said "That's just not even in my mind ... There's lots of pretty girls." But when asked whether it bothered him that he "changed your whole life for this future and now they've shut you out," the young father simply said, "Yes."

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In an yet-to-be released interview with GQ, Levi Johnston, the ex-boyfriend of teen mom Bristol Palin (and father to her son, Tripp) reveals even more details about the dynamics of his relationship with Bristol and her family.

Johnston told GQ that Todd Palin, on multiple occasions, offered to buy his daughter a car if she would break up him.

Since their split in March the two have separately given numerous media interviews, in which various divides have emerged. Johnston has declared that abstinence is unrealistic and been fairly frank in discussing the couple's love life. His family has also gone public with complaints that the Palins do not allow them enough contact with the baby. Bristol, on the other hand, after initially questioning abstinence has become an ardent campaigner for the cause but reluctant to discuss her own romantic past.

According to New York Magazine, who snagged a preview of the article, Johnston said he has no plans to get back together with Bristol.

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