You'll Have To Pay An Ungodly Amount For Tom Brady's Autograph

Maybe the ink is really expensive?

Tom Brady is proving that the pen is mightier... when you win lots of Super Bowls.

Coming off his fifth Super Bowl victory this month, the game MVP is generating some super-high prices for his autograph, For The Win pointed out Monday.

Signed photos of the quarterback cost as much as $899, the memorabilia outfit Tristar Productions announced. Signed helmets and jerseys are in the $1,000 range and higher.

Sending in personal items for the New England Patriots’ star John Hancock is a pricey proposition, too. His signature on a trading card runs at $499 and on original artwork or game-used item it’s $1,999. Personal inscriptions, such as “To Joe Fan,” run $499 for 20 characters or less. No wonder he’s smiling.

CBS noted that autograph buyers apparently won’t be experiencing the signing in person. Brady will merely be autographing the souvenirs with Tristar reps present, For The Win says. 

A similar Brady sale for Tristar in 2015 fetched hundreds of dollars less for some items, according to Forbes. But, hey, inflation and more Super Bowl glory.

While Brady has previously used engagements off the field in the past to generate proceeds for charity, there is no indication on Tristar’s site that this is the case.

EBay doesn’t seen to be the place for great autograph bargains either.



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