Tom Hanks Totally Cool With Reddit Bro Stealing His Glasses, Pretending To Be Drunk (PHOTO)

tom hanks reddit

In a totally unscientific poll*, 1,000 20-something-year-old bros were asked, "If you were like, chillin' in Fargo, ND, and a celebrity walked into your diner and sat down and clowned with you while your bro took pics, what are the odds that celebrity would be Tom Hanks, yo?"

The answer was unanimously zero.

But then, after those bros were shown these photos of Tom Hanks doing basically that, the unanimous answer changed to "Whoa," with some respondents even adding how cool it is that Tom Hanks did this, even if they couldn't name one of his movies other than "Big" or "The DaVinci Code." **

Yes, this appears to have happened to a real-life bro, a bro that was a Redditor. And that Redditor posted the photos to Reddit, and it was awesome.*** But now people are saying crazy shit like Tom Hanks is the new Bill Murray, which is totally out of control and wrong.


*Poll did not actually happen.
**Also made up.
***Real but not independently verified, although come on, dude, that's totally Tom Hanks