Tom Hanks

The "Toy Story" actor dropped a serious dental warning on fans Sunday.
The actor told The Telegraph what he could offer NASA while promoting his immersive film "The Moonwalkers."
Move over, Chet Hanks. Carly Reeves’ brief appearance on “Claim To Fame” is truly something else.
Billy Crystal was ultimately cast in the 1989 romantic comedy, which also starred Meg Ryan.
While Wilson espoused the benefits of bonding by playing with her grandkids, Hanks has a much, well, cheesier approach.
The “Man Called Otto” star got brutally honest about his back catalog.
The screen icon was seated behind Bell for a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
"Nice try!" the actor responded to claims that her husband was involved in an altercation on the red carpet for "Asteroid City."
The "Forrest Gump" star has a certain Oscar-winning actor in mind.
It's a surprising admission from one of the nicest people in Hollywood.