Tomorrowland TV 2012: Festival Announces Partnership With YouTube For At Home Partying (VIDEO)

The Biggest Music Festival In The World Is Coming To You

Tomorrowland, the biggest music festival in the world, is coming to you. Tomorrowland TV, a new partnership between concert organizers and YouTube, will feature seven hours of live streaming per day.

The channel will showcase the work of 173 staff members, working from an on-site studio and select spots throughout the 65-acre grounds in Belgium. Last year's festival drew over 180,000 dance music revelers, and this year looks to be even bigger, with 400 DJs and three full days of raving (festival dates: July 27-29). Organizers say over 2 million people digitally lined up to purchase a ticket, an encouraging sign for the streaming TV channel.

The lineup will include Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia (who are supposedly breaking up and will hopefully perform a set that doesn't include any stabbings), Steve Aoki, Afrojack, David Guetta and Avicii. Live performances will be a part of the coverage, but Tomorrowland is well-known for its extensive theatrics, wild stage designs and even more adventurous festival grounds (there's a Church of Love, where attendees are afforded time to ... consumate their love).

On its end, YouTube will host the content and rake in revenue from banner ads and pre-roll. Tomorrowland will reportedly receive a share of those earnings as well.

Miami's 2012 Ultra Music Festival also had a live-streaming channel. UMFTV broadcast from each day of the event, but focused primarily on live-sets.

As dance music continues to explode in the United States, many have looked toward festivals in Europe for adventures currently unavailable in America. Though Las Vegas' Electric Daisy Carnival comes close in production value and Ultra draws massive crowds, Tomorrowland remains in a slightly different class. (New York-area festivals are almost always limited by early curfews, so they can't really be compared to Europe's all-night affairs.)

Check back to HuffPost Entertainment in late July for more from the festival. A preview for Tomorrowland TV is available above. The following after-movie for Tomorrowland 2011 has received over 43 million plays on YouTube.

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