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Top Five Holiday Moments From the 2011 Television Season

It is without further adieu that I share my Top Five Holiday Moments From the 2011 Television Season. Grab some eggnog and enjoy.
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Each year, there inevitably comes a time in late December when I'm in my car and I force myself to pause and really appreciate the merry moments from the current holiday season. This tradition typically creeps up on me when I am stuck in unexplainable traffic only to realize that I have absent-mindedly driven within 10 miles of the local mall and these crazy motorists won't take five seconds to let me legally merge so I can get across the highway. (I promise I'm not going to steal your parking space in front of Pottery Barn, Lady!) That coupled with the fact that every Lite FM station in the northern hemisphere chooses to play Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" at least twice an hour, and I'm struggling to keep the yuletide merriment in check. After switching off the radio (of course after the song is over because it completely sucks me in every time, because I love it so much) I sit at the intersection in silence, mentally creating a list of everything joyful and triumphant from the previous weeks, reminding myself that this is the season for remembering and giving to others.

It is without further adieu that I share my Top Five Holiday Moments From the 2011 Television Season. Grab some eggnog and enjoy.

1. Parks and Recreation "Citizen Knope"
Our friends at the Parks and Recreation Department feel that Leslie has outdone herself again by choosing the perfect Christmas gift for each employee. The group decides to make her a gingerbread replica of the office as a collective thank you.

Best Moment:
Ron: "I didn't do anything."
April: "That's okay. I took care of it. I made a marshmallow Ron Swanson. His arms are crossed because he's mad at all the other marshmallow workers for annoying him. Do you like it?"
Ron [teary]: "It's fine."

2. Community "Regional Holiday Music"
Everyone's favorite Glendale Community College study group agrees on one thing this holiday season: the Glee Club is obnoxious. As a former enthusiastic Gleek, (who feels the show is definitely on the fence this season) I enjoyed the blatant sarcastic parody and would buy the episode's soundtrack in a heart beat.

Best Moment:
Annie: "T-minus five seconds before the hip hop holiday mix."
Glee Club: "Re-re-re-remix! Re-re-re-remix! Fa-la-la-la-la, COME ON!"

3. New Girl "The 23rd"
I loved the ending of this episode when Nick takes Jess to see Candy Cane Lane in the middle of the night to cheer her up. The entire group chants, "Turn on your lights!" to give our new girl her Christmas wish. Believable? No. Charming? Quite. However, nothing can beat Schmidt's exchange with his boss regarding his annual holiday gig as Sexy Santa.

Best Moment:
Schmidt: I'm sorry Kim. No more Sexy Santa."
Kim: "Does that mean no more Sexy Easter Bunny?"
Schmidt: "No more Sexy Easter Bunny."
Kim: "No more Cinco de Sexy?"
Schmidt: "No more Cinco de Sexy."
Kim: "No more Sexy Martin Luther King?"
Schmidt: "I could never get the voice. I never felt I had the authority."

4. Modern Family "Express Christmas"
My favorite moments from Modern Family always seem to be when the ensemble splits into unlikely couples for the duration of the episode. In this case, Claire realizes that the family won't be together for the holidays and Phil issues an official "Express Christmas" mandate on the group. I thought each of the pairings was extremely entertaining, but this one stood out to me as the most laughable:

Best Moment:
Alex: "Wow, just because my uncle is clearly gay, doesn't mean he'd want to buy your tacky pink tree. And we'd rather throw Christmas lights all over our coat rack than to deal with knuckle draggers like you -- today, of all days -- December 16."
Mitchell: "First of all... amazing... second of all... "
Tree Farm Guy: "I was pointing to the truck. It's full of Douglas firs."
Lilly: "I have two Daddys."
Mitchell: "He gets it Lily."

5. Saturday Night LiveDecember 17, 2011
Sometimes it's best for readers to judge for themselves. Behold! "Michael Bublé Duets!"

What do you guys think? Were there any holiday moments that I missed? Sound off in the comments section.

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