Top Picks To Give Your Home An Upgrade

Top Picks To Give Your Home An Upgrade
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It’s that time of year again—the holiday season when trips back and forth to the airport and train station bring relatives and friends abound. When you realize your house still has the decorations up from Halloween (oops!) or that couch you found off the sidewalk from your college apartment, it might be time for an upgrade. Here’s our suggestions for fairly inexpensive ways to pimp up your living space.

ARC-NRG The ARC-NRG is a revolutionary push-up machine designed to increase strength and muscle while simultaneously burning fat. If you want sculpted arms, chest, and shoulders, this is definitely the product for you, without the need for an entire home-gym.

Enevu The Enevu Cube is a portable LED light for all of your travel. It’s the ultimate mini light as a super compact LED light with color and mood-lighting and powerful white and soft lighting options. Not only that, it’s reliable for campsites, roadtrips, parties, and other adventures and brings a modern sleek feel to every room.

Hyperchiller The Hyperchiller is a rapid chiller so you can chill coffee, wine, spirits, tea, cocktails, shots, and juice in just one minute with zero dilution. Long gone are the days of waiting mercilessly by the fridge/freezer duo to wait for your beverage.

DinoPet The DinoPet and DinoSphere was developed by BioPop to create a sustainable biolight. Using sunlight and nutrients instead of batteries and electricity, BioPop has not only created their light, but a functional pet. This is one of the most head-turning decorations you could have in your home.

Rachio Rachio is a smart wifi home sprinkler system to monitor your yard and garden. This smart sprinkler system allows you to control watering schedules and even watering bill straight from your phone or computer. Not only that, Rachio can pair with Echo and Nest while turning your local forecast and soil/plant types into a customizable schedule to save you money.

PostModern PostModern is the first entirely compostable kitchen wastebin. It’s a no-brainer, a compost bin that could be composted itself. It also comes with an under-the-sink hanger, it has a unique leakproof and smellproof design, and when it’s full you can toss the whole thing curbside or into your own compost bins.

Edge of Belgravia The Black Diamond Knife Block is a piece of art for your kitchen. This knife block is universally suitable for most knives and can pack up to eleven knives, but will feel like a complete set with just two. We tested these units with the six piece precision range knife set, which is just as striking.

Soma The 6 Cup Pitcher is a water pitcher with sustainable, plant-based filters. Combining aesthetic design and functional purpose, this pitcher is a one of the kind piece for the kitchen. For every filter sold, Soma will donate clean drinking water for people in need through their partner charity.

Hamilton Beach The Go Sport Blender is the product to have when you feel Jamba Juice lightening your wallet just a hint too much. By throwing your favorite fruits into a one-stop shop blender, just hit the button and you’re off with a delicious and nutritious smoothie. One of the easiest blender products in the market gives you fast and easy smoothies, on-the-go.

Cuisinart For the rainy days and chilly winters, the PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper & Kettle by Cuisinart is there to save the day. Complete with a stainless steel build and glass walls, this tea steeper allows you to watch the magic happen in minutes as your perfect cup of tea is made every time.

Kangaroo Light—The Kangaroo Light is one of the most versatile learning lights, designed to be Arduino compatible, allowing those learning coding to have a fun way to get more experience.. It is designed with high quality silicone exterior making it splashproof, with uses ranging from a nightlight to a portable camping light.

Violife Countertop UV Sanitizer—Are you a germaphobe? Constantly spraying hand sanitizer and wiping down surfaces? Clean your mind of those fears with Violife’s product—a UV Sanitizer plus Toothbrush Holder holding up to four toothbrushes at once. Small, convenient, and an easy solution to dirty counters and bathrooms.

bObSweep Pet Hair Plus—The bObSweep Pet Hair Plus is a robotic vacuum specifically designed for all of you pet-owners. Including a wet mop, HEPA filter, and UV sanitizer, this vacuum not only vacuums, but sweeps and deep-cleans all of your floors. With bObSweep, simply program the robot to clean every night and then every morning can be blissful knowing that your floors will be clean.

AmarylloThe Atom won various innovation awards in 2016 at CES making it one of the most sought out after security robots. Recognizing human faces and detecting intruders, it will keep your home safe and a peace of mind for you while flashing lights and following anyone who shouldn’t be there. On top of that, it brings back the nostalgic “You got mail!” with email notifications and hourly times. Additionally, Amaryllo offers The Koova for those concerned about space. It is the smallest intelligent camera with auto-tracking abilities. It also contains 250bit encryption and offers free cloud service. But, one of the coolest things about Koova is no monthly contracts and no monthly fees.

Wink Hub 2—The automation hub you should chose, designed with the consumer in mind. It has support for smart home technologies that you might already have, and allows them to work together. Long story short, it allows for the control of smart home devices, all with the use of one app.

Knork Black Titanium Flatware—The Knork 20 piece flatware set will truly make heads turn at your dinner table. Toss the mis-matched cutlery you have in your drawers and replace it with Knork, a modern, sleek approach to kitchenware.

Cedarlane Culinary Bellini—When counterspace is running low and you’re dying to start learning how to cook, look to the Bellini Kitchen Master, a literal 10 in 1 kitchen appliance—it has the ability to chop, mix, mince, whip, knead, blend and stir. But wait, there’s more! It can also cook, sauté and steam. This product can cook your custard and risotto without your supervision. Best part? Only one dish to clean after your Michelin star meal—and it cleans itself.

Smeg Blender—When you have guests over and you're trying to find a quick-fix snack, look to the Smeg Blender for all of your blending needs. Whether it be a shake or smoothie, Smeg has got you covered, all while adding a retro pastel touch to your kitchen. The Smeg is the 1950s Buick Skylark of blenders with it’s nostalgic look.

John Boos Corner Countertop Board—The John Boos Corner Countertop is shaped out of maple wood and is an incredibly practical device. It is a smart alternative to plastic because it is easier on the knives and won’t harbor bacteria, all while making use of that seemingly useless corner counter. John Boos recycles 95% of lumber scraps to generate electricity for their factories.

Rapid X Ferrino Chair—Whether you’re a gamer or hustler, one thing that has increased for us all is the average time spent siting. The RapidX Ferrino Chair is both orthopedically and ergonomically designed after professional harness bucket seats. To reduce risk of spinal strain, it was created with a polyurethane foam core, the same found in Formula racing cars. A diamond stitch finished off this stylish chair as one to add to your home office.

Aquasprouts—Aquasprouts is the best and most ingenious way to create an ecosystem, all in your home. With the equipment necessary to sustain both an aquarium and garden, this product was designed to integrate the ease aquaponics into any modern home. The best part is that it supports sustainability, as the plants and fish work in sync to reduce waste and maintenance. Fish waste serves as plant nutrients and plants serve as water filters—all meaning less stress. Let nature take over and use aquasprouts—no green thumb necessary.

Sansaire Sous Vide—Sansaire’s motto of “Nail it, every time” really rings true with this product, the Sansaire Sous Vide Machine that will cook nearly every time of food possible from fish to eggs while retaining all nutrients and flavor. With an adjustable ring for temperature control and you can be sure all of your meals will come out perfectly, without you keeping a merciless eye on your stove.

GlowPear Urban Garden—This garden is a modular planter with a built-in reservoir. These gorgeously syled pieces can be used as a standalone or connected to each other. With all of our busy lifestyles, the built-in self-watering system allows your plants to thrive. Designed to give a garden-esque aura for indoor living, it is BPA-free for growing fruits and veggies.

Black and Decker Sweeper—This device is a cordless sweeper that has a low noise design for all operations. With 25 minutes of run-time and a rechargeable battery, this is definitely the product you need where it be for cleaning your garage or backyard or balcony.

Triby—Here’s my kitchen pitch for Triby: play music, set alarms, request a ride from Uber, make phone calls and control your smart devices—all from across the room using this Amazon Alexa enabled speaker. Best of all with its e-Ink display, it is a modern-day sticky-note. Triby is controlled by an app available for both Apple and Android.


Thermopeanut —Thermopeanut is smart, wireless thermometer allows you to measure the temperature in specific places or of appliances. With notifications to alert you whether it is too hot or too cold, Thermopeanut is compatible with Nest to regulate energy consumption. However, please do note it is not water-resistant nor a medical device. Guardpeanut, also offered by is a smart anti-theft alarm based off of motion detection technology, alerting you whenever your belongings are moved. The cool part is it also has a monitoring ability to silently watch and detect movement of your precious belongings.

<p>Stowit Jewelry</p>

Stowit Jewelry

Umbra—For sleek, minimalistic storage solutions, look to Umbra. From their Cubist Small Shelf to their Stowit Jewelry Box, make sure all of your keepsakes are safe and sound while in a great-on-the-eyes storage display.

Orbit20—Sick of flushing down goldfish week after week? Switch your household pet up with Orbit20, a household jellyfish tank with a crazy awesome design for desktops and corner tables. This 23L aquarium can hold several jellyfish while keeping monitor checks on your pets with its built-in filtration and flow systems.

Chef Choice Grill—The Chef Choice Indoor Electric Grill is designed for those who don’t have the ability to cook on a gas-powered grill. It allows you to enjoy fresh from the grill flavors from the comfort of your kitchen. It also has a built in drip tray to collect excess fats and oils.

Kuvee—A revolutionary smart wine bottle lets you drink wine to your heart’s content, and savor those flavors for up to 30 days by keeping their signature Kuvee bottles fresh. You never have to worry about wine going bad again. Pick your Kuvee wine from a delicious selection of California wines. Cheers!



Bialetti—If counterspace is limited, check out The Moka Express by Bialetti adding a rustic look to your kitchen while making amazing quality espresso. Using the company’s more than 80 years of collective design and technological experience, The Moka allows you to produce and authentic stovetop espresso maker, up to 12 shots! Bialetti has also released the nanotech infused Bialetti Sapphire Collection of cookware. This technology allows for the product to offer max durability, thus increasing its scratch proof resistance and lifespan.

Reheatza—Recreate that mouth-watering experience of delivery pizza with Reheatza, a device that allows microwavable pizza to transform into that melted cheesey, crisp crust, triangle (or square) of pure goodness. Their motto of reheat, don’t overcook shines with their lunch-saving product.

Home Wet Bar Sizzler—How many times have you opened a beer, walked away and realized it has gone flat? Those times are long gone with this as it has the ability to not only open bottles but also reseal your beer. The best part is that it is portable for any party or tailgate needs.

<p>LUX Multi-Cooker</p>

LUX Multi-Cooker

Fagor—In need of new appliances to make holiday dinners? Fagor offers a line of kitchen appliances including the Lux Electric Multi-Cooker and the Premium Pressure Cooker for all of your sautéing, browning, simmering, and steaming needs. Reduce your cooking time and increase your time with Aunt Sally with Fagor’s line of products.

Food Huggers—Food Huggers are reusable sealable silicone food savers, as well as used to reseal open jars and cans. Use this product as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. The best part is that they are incredibly affordable and crafted from 100% FDA food-safe silicone. BPA and phthalate-free. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer-safe. And for those of us obsessed with guac, check out their avocado hugger.

Anonabox—If you’re looking for online anonymity and privacy, check out Anonabox’s Tor and VPN routers. These products come with an upgraded processing speed as well as a layer of encryption and the ability to specify your IP. This is definitely the best way to fortify your privacy online.

Eating Tools TiStix Titanium Chopsticks—These chopsticks are precision-made, USA sourced medical grade titanium. They are hand-finished, one pair at a time. With its titanium design, they are virtually impossible to corrode. Beyond eating, they can be used for cooking, serving, presentation, and precision plating.

Cycloc Endo—Store your bike in style with Cycloc for horizontal and vertical storage in any space. When you’re done, fold it flat for easy to access, easy to store bike displays. Cycloc Endo has won numerous awards and has gained international recognition for making bike storage an easy task.

RatioEight—RatioEight brings out of this world coffee in tune with out of this world design. Artistically crafted, this coffeemaker is not one to hide under the counter. Keep it out for yourself and your guests to elevate your counter space for next-level design and beverage.

Dash 100GH Handheld Garment Steamer—With the ability to heat up in less than 30 seconds, Dash removes the stress about forgetting to iron your favorite shirt or pants—just flick the switch and get ready to go. Dash also serves as a great travel companion weighing less than 2.5lbs.

Velocity 200IR Compact Sensor Steam Iron—Toss your iron from the 90s and upgrade to Velocity 200IR, the iron that beats all irons. Everyone will fall in love with this compact iron, easy enough for anyone to use. Packaged with its own watering container, no more spills or burns with this iron.

Aervana—Aervana is the electric wine aerator that has the ability to do an hour or more of work that a decanter does, in just a few seconds. Pushing it’s polished button allows the user to aerate your glass, or even the whole bottle, in the matter of seconds. It’s a truly amazing device to enjoy classic wine at any time.

Libratone Zipp—Libratone’s Zipp speakers remove the hassle of listening to music with multi-room houses and apartments. Now there is now need to blast your speakers to near ear-popping levels (unless you want to!) just to hear through the walls in the next room. Play your music throughout your house while you clean or entertain guests, all while enjoying their amazing 360° sound system.

Airmega—The purifiers of all purifiers, Airmega works to remove up to 99.9% of all particles in the air, while being connected to your devices. This smart air purifier not only removes mold, dust, allergens, but it also notifies you as it cleans your breathing space with real-time air quality checks, scheduling, and filter monitoring.

Osaka Pour Over—This neat coffee pour over carafe drip brewer brings scientific display and delicious coffee brewing all in one. With its stainless steel cone filter, there is no need for paper filters as you can reuse this beautiful piece of metalworking over and over. The borosilicate carafe guarantees strong, everlasting taste

<p>Portable Closet Storage Organizer</p>

Portable Closet Storage Organizer

Whitmor—Now that the kids and maybe even yourself have gotten all of their holiday gift lists fulfilled, it’s time for the ultimate question at hand—what to do with the old toys? Or, maybe you have relatives coming over and a plethora of clutter and junk you just can’t part with. Whitmor has a storage solution for that with its array of cabinets and zip-up closets. From its Deluxe Utility Closet to Portable Closet Storage Organizer, they found a way to make storing and hiding things a breeze. Check out these products and more, such as their Acrylic Makeup Organizer or their Triple Sort Laundry to keep housekeeping easy.

Singing Machine Home—Get prepared for a wave of nostalgia with Singing Machine, one of the first original karaoke machines—now reeinvisioned with Bluetooth! Singing Machine Home is a new way to entertain your guests as the first Bluetooth machine with built-in wifi that transforms itself into the perfect icebreaker—karaoke.

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