Top 10 Most Watched TV Finales Ever

Ever since television was first revealed to the general American public in 1928, generation after generation has been captivated by the incredible entertainment medium. As time moves on, what is playing at the movie theaters and on TV continues to reach greater heights of entertainment. Action movies continue to become more intense with advancing special affects; Tonight shows continue to grow in humor and cleverness; and TV shows continue to increase in number. But as time moves on, an ode must be paid to some of the most popular TV shows in history. Below are the top ten most watched TV Finales to date.

1.) M*A*S*H


Viewers In Millions: 105.9

Percent of Households watching: 60.2%

Date Aired: February 28, 1983


2.) Cheers


Viewers In Millions: 84.4

Percent of Households watching: 45.5%

Date Aired: May 20, 1993


3.) The Fugitive


Viewers In Millions: 78.0

Percent of Households watching: 45.9%

Date Aired: August 29, 1967


4.) Seinfeld


Viewers In Millions: 76.3

Percent of Households watching: 41.3%

Date Aired: May 14, 1998


5.) Friends


Viewers In Millions: 52.46

Percent of Households watching: 29.8%

Date Aired: May 6, 2004


6.) The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson


Viewers In Millions: 50.0

Percent of Households watching: --

Date Aired: May 22, 1992


7.) The Cosby Show


Viewers In Millions: 44.4

Percent of Households watching: 28.0%

Date Aired: April 30, 1992


8.) All in the Family


Viewers In Millions: 40.2

Percent of Households watching: 26.6%

Date Aired: April 8, 1979


9.) Family Ties


Viewers In Millions: 36.3

Percent of Households watching: 20.8%

Date Aired: May 14, 1989


10.) Home Improvement


Viewers In Millions: 35.5

Percent of Households watching: 21.6%

Date Aired: MAy 25, 1999