Tough Mudder CEO: Our Challenges Are 20 Times Safer Than Triathlons

The notoriously grueling Tough Mudder challenges have been criticized for putting participants at risk of injury and even death. But the company's CEO said it is committed to keeping the activity safe.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill, Tough Mudder's Founder and CEO Will Dean said that even though one death is one too many, it's important to look at the race -- which has obstacles called Electroshock Therapy and Fire Walker -- in context of other challenges.

"You have to look at that compared to other sports, other endurance events, and our safety method compared to a triathlon is actually about 20 times safer," Dean said. "If you look at it, the most dangerous part about doing a Tough Mudder is the drive to the event, not the event itself, and you know, of course accidents do happen."

He said more than 70 safety personnel are on site at every event, and most of the injuries are minor, like sprained ankles.

"It’s important to recognize every single obstacle has safety staff on. We always have dedicated water staff, life guards, divers at the obstacles involving water," Dean said. "We have a field hospital on site, we have ambulances there as well, so if people do need [transportation] to the hospital, we do have that there."

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with Will Dean below:

Tough Mudder Obstacles