Trading Guilt for Positive Changes.

Hello Huffington Post Readers,

I am so happy to find out, that my introductory post of last week has empowered numerous readers who could relate to the environment I grew up in, and the love relationship I carry with my children.

I am now on a flight between NY and Paris and I am facing the everlasting question.

To Eat or not To Eat?

It is 8:34 pm in NYC, and 2:34 am in Paris. I will be flying for 6 hours. I had a bite before getting into the plane. All the signals prove that I will not be dying of hunger if I starve myself for the upcoming one fourth of a day.

But what can I say? My mind seems to be battling the challenge of resisting the fabulous cheese selection they offer on this flight.

I can hear my consciousness screaming out. NOOOOO!!!!

Can you hear it?

It is so loud that I am afraid my seatmates will hear it!

Sometimes when i am in this situation, of internal monologue with my consciousness, I feel that everybody is observing my moves.

Do you ever feel it?

I can see them all staring at me, ready to pop up the deadly question:

"So, Nezha, are you or are you not going to eat tonight?"

Obviously, I am just being paranoid.

Who cares about my diet choices in this plane?!

I am strapped in my seat, observing the irritated French hostess, whose only deep concern is to finish her service quickly, so she can catch up with few hours of sleep before landing.

Being extra sensitive when we face an inner dialogue, between us and our consciousness, happens a lot. We even go to the extreme of feeling that we are being watched.

But the question is, by whom are we really being watched?

By others, by the society, by all the morals we have been raised in?

By us! We are being watched by ourselves!

Often, we are, our worst judge of character, and the society reflects our own feelings toward our lives.

When we accept ourselves, the society starts accepting us, with our values and with our differences.

If I was proudly eating my French cheese tonight, with its perfectly matched glass of red wine, do you know what would be happening?

I would be slowly closing my eyes as I bite into the rich bread with the creamy goat cheese on it, enjoying it with all my senses, showing joy and pleasure on my face... And my neighbours would be tempted to do the same!

Because when we are enjoying a situation, proudly and confidently, we lead others in our direction.

Think about it!

Now, back to my diet.

As a Mayshad Woman, I definitely care about my figure and health.

Eating late at night is NEITHER part of my diet, NOR of my routine. When we eat before sleeping, we stock all the food in our body.

When we eat salty foods while flying 30,000 feet above the ground, we retain water in our body that might turn into fat if we don't immediately react to it the next day by hitting the gym.

These are facts! They are not sexy, nor pleasant to hear, but they are real!

Now... Did I, or Did I Not eat tonight?

Yes I did!

I know myself, if I try to fight my stubborn mind and not settle right away for a cheese platter, I will put myself into a frustration that will make me an hour later go for 3 cheese platters, 2 chocolate cakes and 1 ice cream.

That's actually what happens when we starve ourselves.

I did try to retain myself for few minutes and decided to live the rest of this flight in harmony with my body, accepting the fact that I was making a choice that was

not being the best.

But I will justify it by adding to my daily training tomorrow 20 minutes of more cardio and I will dine with a low sodium soup.

Instead of putting myself into a feeling of guilt, facing a situation that I could not resist, I have observed myself, and realized that in my busy day, I have skipped my usual natural protein snacks that satisfy my hunger, make me eat lighter meals, and surely prevent me from feeling weak in front of unreasonable diet choices.

Guilt only brings more frustration to our life; it does not help us find solutions, as the core of guilt is the non acceptance of a situation.

Accepting, is also an act of maturity and the activation of self accountability.

Trying to find out the origins of our mistakes is the best step to recovering from it.

I travel almost every week and thank god, I do not always eat on flights; but if I accidentally do, because no one is linear and perfection is a daily quest that we do not always achieve best...i catch up by balancing the next day with more proteins and more work out!

I have a great joy when I share with you the learning experiences that helped me build awareness, acceptance and positive changes in my life.

This column is another reading that reminds all of us,happy Mayshad Women, that life is a playful journey with its natural ups and downs, inspiring us to continue the creation of a balance between the several aspects of our lives, starting with the building of our harmonious inner self.