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True Blood Season 6: Kristin Bauer Gets Ready To Slip Back Into Pam's Wardrobe (VIDEO)

"True Blood" star Kristin Bauer stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss the show's upcoming Season 6 with host Alyona Minkovski. Bauer said the cast will start filming in January.

"I had my first wardrobe fitting today, which for Pam is such a huge part of my character," she shared. "And it's like Christmas for me."

Bauer also gave fans a glimpse of what happens behind the show's graphic blood and gore.

"If you ever saw the making of 'True Blood,' if they ever sort of wanted to ruin it for the fans," Bauer said, "if I look right there, at what the camera is seeing, it looks kinda creepy. But then if I just look to the side, there's some construction guys in flannel and boots with gallons of blood labeled. It just becomes ridiculous. It's really the magic of the movies."

The sixth season of "True Blood" premieres in the summer of 2013.