Trump Insults Department of Justice

Trump and Sessions
Trump and Sessions

Shockingly, President Trump accused the department of justice as being part of “the deep state.” The idea that the FBI and the attorneys at department of justice are somehow part of a conspiracy is worse than ridiculous. It is an insult on the democratic system of justice. This is unprecedented in American history. As if this accusation is not offensive enough, he urged the Justice department to prosecute the former head of the FBI James Comey. American presidents have never before suggested prosecution of the head of the country’s law enforcement agency.

There is no doubt why the President is doing this. He is trying to undermine the credibility of the branch of government which is responsible for supervising Mueller’s investigation and in the case of the FBI doing the leg work.

This is sadly reaffirming that we have a President who is preparing to take action that threatens the very essence of democracy. He does not seem to care that he is undermining the Justice Department. He is acting as if he were an authoritarian dictator. It is not enough to assume he will not take action. It is up to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to defend the 100,000 employees of the justice department and FBI. It is up to the leaders of both parties to reject this description of the justice department. This is not the time for our leaders to be silent .

Donald Trump ran as the law and order candidate. In reality, we have to hope that the institutions of law and order do not buckle or stay quiet as the president insults them.

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