'Trust Us, We're Experts!': Monica Crowley On Maggie Williams

A mighty tip of the hat to HuffPo commenter "StillAmused" who made certain I took note of this hilariously awesome moment on today's The McLaughlin Group. Please watch for yourself as haughty twit Monica Crowley, daring to accuse the Clinton campaign of bad "retro" thinking whilst clad in an off-the-rack, cranberry-colored velour pantsuit from 1982, outs newly-returned to the fore Clinton aide Maggie Williams as the person who "sanitized" the Vince Foster "files" after Foster's suicide. Williams is also "brutal and loyal" and "knows where the bodies are buried and buries them." Whatever THAT means! Anyway, this throws the whole discussion into confusion until McLaughlin restores order by bellowing "HILLARY BLOODLETTING!!!!" - which is SO TOTALLY my new ringtone!