Kaleb Nation, Creator Of Twilight & Pottermore Parody, Interviewed (VIDEO)

WATCH: Twilight Parody Angers Fans

Twimore is the new site for fans of the Twilight books.

It's similar in many ways to the forthcoming website announced by J.K. Rowling for the Harry Potter books, Pottermore, and it doesn't only share the last four letters of its name: Twimore will choose you a vampire name, show you an exclusive video and give members a never-before-seen story related to eternally romantic vampire Edward Cullen, all of which are very similar to features announced for Pottermore.

Who knew that "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer would be so unoriginal?

Except that Twimore is not her creation - it's a parody, and it's getting plenty of attention, both positive and negative, from fans of both book series.

Twimore was created by Kaleb Nation, a 22-year-old prolific YouTube filmmaker and author in Phoenix, Arizona. We interviewed him via email about parodying Pottermore, Stephenie Meyer and which fans are worse: Harry Potter or Twilight?

Why did you make Twimore? As soon as I saw J.K. Rowling's announcement video for Pottermore.com, I thought it would be hilarious if someone parodied the video for Twilight. I was shocked nobody had done it. So I made the video myself, spending about 5 hours setting up my lighting to make it look legitimate. After that, I thought it'd be funny to have a website for the random people who looked it up.

Do people think it's real? My email inbox is stuffed with people begging for early access to Twimore. I'm not sure how many of these are serious. I'm flattered that my web design and video production skills are so convincing!

Are you a member of Pottermore? Would you want something similar to exist for the Twilight books?I am! I got in on the 4th day. I'm excited and waiting for my welcome email now. As for a real Twimore, I'm not sure how much of a good idea that would be -- I'm sure Twilight fans would like it, but Pottermore still came first.

You once met Stephenie Meyer. Any reaction from her?I haven't sent it to Stephenie. But it's been on all of her major fansites and even the movie's official Facebook page, so she's probably seen it. She has such a great sense of humor I'm sure she'd laugh about it too.

Who has sent the most negative feedback, fans of Harry Potter or fans of Twilight?Surprisingly, the worst hate mail I've gotten this week has come from Harry Potter fans. 99% of them get it, but 1% are absolutely outraged, and so intensely blinded by this anger that they simply cast away all reason. This 1% also has so much trouble with spelling and grammar in their emails, I'm surprised they even read books at all.

How extreme are some of the Twilight fans?I've been on the red carpet of the Twilight Saga premieres and once watched in horror as a mob of girls tried to knock over a barricade to touch Robert Pattinson. I was standing near that barricade, and given the same regard as a housefly. Some fans forget they are humans. But despite the stereotype, the rest of us are actually sane people, pointing and laughing at the crazies.

Any other thoughts on the Twimore experience?This whole ride has been exciting and unbelievable. There have been over 250,000 visitors in 4 days. I certainly wasn't expecting this. In fact, I had to pay for a $200 web hosting upgrade!

WATCH the parody video for Twimore:

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