Twitter Lists Go LIVE: See What Twitter's New Feature Can Do

Twitter Lists Go LIVE: See What Twitter's New Feature Can Do

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that allows Twitter users to sort the people they follow by organizing them into customized lists.

Twitter's lists help filter some of some the chatter on Twitter so that you can follow specific people, topics, or groups.

For example, if you're a Mac lover, you might want put together (or follow) a list that's made up only of people blogging about things Apple-related.

The Huffington Post has already started building, using, and incorporating Twitter lists. HuffPost has curated a number of lists -- focusing on everything from yoga and baseball to health care reform and Iran -- and has been included in over 780 lists. (See HuffPost's lists here)

HuffPost has also launched a new feature that posts feeds from its Twitter lists directly onto the site, so you can get the news in real-time. Check it out! You can follow the World Series Game 2 live here--featuring Tweets from lists of sports writers, New York Yankees fans, and Philadelphia Phillies fans. Or follow the health care debate live, and from all angles, here, where HuffPost is streaming Tweets from republican reps, democrats, and more.

CNET has step-by-step instructions for setting up a Twitter list.

Check out HuffPost's lists, and follow on Twitter, here. Also see what people are saying about Twitter lists in the real-time feed below.

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