U2's Letterman Top 10 List, Sting Mocking (VIDEO)

U2, who are appearing all week as the musical guests on the "Late Show with David Letterman," also took part in delivering the show's nightly "Top 10" list Wednesday. Appropriately titled "Things U2 has learned over the years," it featured good punch lines for each of the band's members and ended with a zinger at Letterman's expense.

But perhaps the best moment was when guitarist the Edge, who was given the task of reading #5--"Cool Name: The Edge. Uncool Name: The Itch"--instead said "Uncool Name: Sting" before correcting himself. Was it an accident or was the Edge mocking his fellow one-name rock star? The look on his face isn't entirely innocent. Take a look to decide for yourself--that particular bit starts at 2:00.

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