URGENT MEMO to all future Meet The Press guests: How to get Tim Russert to talk about the Plame Case.

Many of us in the media, bloggers and political junkies want to know what Tim Russert actually said to Patrick Fitzgerald. He has remained mum on the subject while questioning many of his guests about the investigation. The only time he's really mentioned anything about the case was when Scooter Libby tried to throw him under the bus. John at Americablog has the same feelings I do so I’ve come up with a quick and easy solution to this problem.
Memo to all quests on Meet the Press:
When Tim puts up one of his many graphics and sets the stage for you to answer a particular charge, here’s what you say:

Well Tim, that is very interesting, but I have a quick question for you. What the F*&*k did you say to Fitzgerald?

That’s it, a very simple task indeed that any one of his guests or panel members could do in about eleven seconds. Tim would be forced to:

a) Refuse to answer the question.
B) Make a statement about it.
C) Stick his head in the sand and move on to the next cue card.

What do you think his choice would be? (add to the list of responses he might make)

Since he never answers any questions on his show-this might be a most excellent way to get some sort of a read on his involvement. Matt Lauer or Katie Couric from The Today Show won’t ask him. Imus could be a wild card, but he’s Tim’s friend and probably wouldn’t want to sandbag him with a question like that. It's up to all of you to step up and be counted. I know you can do it. The press has shown a little spine of late and this certainly will help you regain a little more credibility in the eyes of many Americans. Plus, if you're a politician that has been hammered by Tim in the past, here's your chance to get even. I will even supply you with the graphic that you could hold up in front of the camera if you like. Meet The Press is the only situation that Russert will be vulnerable to possibly answer THE question. Legally-he is allowed to reveal to us what he testified about so what say you? Can I count on you?