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Watching Americans Answer U.S. Citizenship Test Questions Is Hilarious And Terrifying

In order to attain U.S. citizenship, immigrants must pass a naturalization test that contains a civics section with some basic questions about historical events and how the U.S. government functions. Applicants face up to 10 questions taken from a pool of 100, and must answer at least six of them correctly in order to pass.

But how many native-born Americans can answer these questions?

The Immigrant Archive Project, a media initiative dedicated to documenting immigrants' stories through recorded interviews, wanted to find out. They took a camera to the streets of Miami, asked people questions from test and posted the results on YouTube Tuesday. It wasn't pretty.

Several respondents struggled to answer questions about current officeholders and key events in U.S. history. Naming the vice president, for example, proved too challenging for many. And one spoiler: The territory that the U.S. bought from France in 1803 was not Puerto Rico. That territory was actually invaded by the U.S. military in 1898 as part of the Spanish American War.

Check out the video above and then write your local representative in Congress to demand better schools.

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