Every Lawyer In Utah Just Received A Picture Of Boobs


Attorneys across Utah received an unexpected piece of email from the State Bar on Monday: a picture of boobs.

We are horrified,” John Baldwin, the organization’s executive director, told Fox 13 in Salt Lake City. “We are investigating to discover how this occurred. Our goal is to find out what happened and ensure it never happens again.”

The Utah State Bar also tweeted an apology:

The email contained the subject line “2018 Spring Convention Walk-Ins Welcome! Learn How!” along with an image promoting the March 8-10 event. Below that was an image of a woman’s breasts.

Here’s a censored version of the message: 

Chase Thomas, policy and advocacy counsel at Alliance for a Better Utah, told the Deseret News he was in the gallery at the state Capitol when he received the message.

“I was expecting a routine email I would most likely scroll through and delete,” Thomas told the newspaper. “But I had to scroll through and delete a lot faster than I had initially anticipated.”