Vets For Freedom NewsLadder Is Up: It's Fair and Balanced (Really)

We'd like to introduce the Vets for Freedom NewsLadder. Like all the NewsLadders that are up and running, this is a great place to find out all about an issue on one site with articles, blog posts, and videos linked up and voted up or down by readers like you.

At the Vets for Freedom NewsLadder we are linking to all of the stories and articles about this group and together we can ask, and potentially answer some very basic questions.

For example, there are lots and lots of stories about VFF supporting John McCain and wanting to stay the course in Iraq and keep our troops there literally forever, but how come there aren't any stories about VFF wanting John McCain to support the recent GI Bill?

Wouldn't a real veterans group be interested in that? Hmm.

Now, there are plenty of stories about VFF endorsing pro-war candidates but none about VFF endorsing Iraq vets who are running like Jon Powers in New York?

Wouldn't a real veterans group want to support veterans running for office? How odd.

And then what about Afghanistan -- where virtually every military group and veterans group agree, we should be doing more there.

Here are all of the articles about Vets For Freedom and what they think about Afghanistan.

(this space left intentionally blank because there aren't any)

Yes, a complete listing right there

We have recently written a few posts about Vets for Freedom. In our post, "Vets for Freedom Says Thousands Of Donors -- We Count Five", we asked how a group that had only five donors and $2050 in contributions in the most recent reporting period could say their 501c4 arm had "thousand" of donors and donations of over $1.5 million.

In our post "25,000 Members" But Only 5 Donors? Is This The New Math?" we noted the low traffic at their website and again asked about their claim to have "thousands" of donors. We urged the media not to fall for their "thousands of donors" line.

Soon we are going to write more about this "veterans" group. We have been looking into where this "veterans" organization stands on veterans issues. Early indications from the NewsLadder indicate that well, they don't.

We encourage everyone -- from the left and the right -- to join this effort and go sign up at the Vets For Freedom NewsLadder. This way people can see the stories and decide for themselves about the group.