Viktor Sedov Dead: Bolshoi Violinist Dies After Fall Into Orchestra Pit

Viktor Sedov, a 65-year-old violinist at Russia's Bolshoi Theater, died this week after falling into the institute's orchestra pit. The event marks yet another tragic event at the Moscow cultural center, which has fallen under fire ever since its artistic director Sergei Filin was violently attacked with acid earlier this year.

According to The Guardian, Sedov had been a musician at the Bolshoi for nearly 40 years, playing in the orchestra's second violin section. Bolshoi spokeswoman Katerina Novikova described him in a press statement as possessing a "sense of humour and extraordinary erudition."

Sedov's tragic accident occurred on Tuesday, when he fell into the pit below the theater's stage. He passed away from his injuries at a hospital the next day, though the exact circumstances of his death are unknown.

The harrowing news is the just latest in a string of unfortunate events at the Bolshoi, including the brutal assault against Filin, the arrest of principal dancer, and a slew of firings. The tragedies have prompted more than one news outlet to speculate about "the curse of the Bolshoi."



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