(VIDEO) Ashley Swartz CES RoundUp: Internet of Things, Drones and Wearable Tech

LAS VEGAS -- Many of the key advances in consumer electronics at this year's flagship convention have expanded far and wide beyond actual devices, says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp, in her round-up report for Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Key trends to watch that were evident on the show floor are the so-called Internet of things, as well as the use of unmanned robots and the powerful presence of Google.

Swartz shared her key takeaways from CES with Beet.TV, and here are some of the top trends to watch.

  • Internet of things: "We are turning utility objects (like dishwashers) into gadgets and connecting them to other devices through Internet connectivity, like washing machines," she explains. However, this notion of The Internet of things is still in the early stages. It's something for marketers to watch, but not necessarily a trend to act on since it isn't quite impacting consumer interaction with devices yet, she says.
  • Wearables: Wearable technology was prevalent at the show, but many of these devices still need refinement in appearance and in convergence, Swartz explains.
  • Google is everywhere: The search and tech giant rolled out new tools for its Android OS. "They are everywhere and omnipresent."
  • Drones: Unmanned objects like vacuums, window washers and robots are a trend to keep an eye on

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