Video Shows An Ordinary Day From The Perspective Of A Kid With Autism

Truly eye-opening.

For some kids with autism, even the most seemingly simple tasks and events can be overwhelming. But it can be hard for others to fully comprehend what's happening inside the mind of a child in the midst of a meltdown or acting anxiously.

To foster understanding and kick off Autism Awareness Month, the U.K. organization, The National Autistic Society, launched a new campaign called "Too Much Information," along with a powerful video.

The video shows an ordinary day at the mall from the perspective of one child with autism. As viewers can see, the unfamiliar sights, loud noises and crowds are a lot to handle. "Sometimes I get too much information," the video description reads.

This overload of information and different way of processing things can cause people with autism to break down.

As The National Autistic Society notes in the press release for the campaign, "When this happens, the public can misunderstand what is happening and tut, stare or make hurtful remarks to the family, which makes the situation much much worse, and, gradually stops autistic people and their families feeling that they can leave the house for fear of a ‘wall of judgement’ waiting for them outside their front door."

So, instead of passing judgment, try to act with empathy, the campaign urges. It can make all the difference in the world.

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