More Equality And Dinosaurs: People Share How They'd Change The World

"I want to change, like to happiness and joy."

Given carte blanche, what would you want to change most in the world?

SoulPancake rounded up this question with the video "0-100: Change the World" featured above. In the short clip, individuals -- ranging in age from 5 to 105 -- were asked what they'd transform if they could. Answers ranged from solving critical domestic problems to getting rid of homework. A sampling of responses included:

- "Stop focusing on the look of perfection" 

- "[Changing the] stigmatism of mental illness" 

-"[Changing the] the prison system in America" 

- “I would just change the amount of fear that’s in the world” 

Many respondents addressed inequality, tackling everything from the wealth gap to issues related to race and sexual orientation.

Others spoke about the fact that society feels more disconnected and asked for change in the way we simply interact with one another. 

Watch the video above and think about what you'd change -- because while one young video participant's request for bringing dinosaurs back is probably beyond our control, reaching a state of equality and understanding is in our hands.

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