Destination Of The Week: Virgin Islands National Park

There is absolutely no way getting around it. Our brains have gone to the beach on this steamy Tuesday. Instead of drowning on air conditioning, we're daydreaming of white sand beaches and hammocks swaying in the gentle breeze. What makes a good beach an even better beach? How about adding a ridiculously gorgeous national park to the mix?

Covering roughly half of St. John and most of Hassel Island, Virgin Islands National Park is coast-to-coast shimmering blue waters, with the added value of lush green hills and several native species of turtles, fish, lizards and other sea animals to keep explorers and hikers happy.

While you daydream about those colorful sunsets, enjoy our favorite photos of Virgin Islands National Park. Send us your recommendation for 'destination of the week' by leaving a comment below, or emailing

U.S. Virgin Islands National Park

U.S. Virgin Islands National Park

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