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“We welcome the original Phillie Phanatic back with open arms,” Phillies executive vice president David Buck said Tuesday.
Beaches are supposed to be open to all. But as privatization sweeps the debt-smothered territory, treasured shorelines face new threats.
"Oh, no, no, no, no, no," an observer said on video as the drama suddenly unfolded.
Fern, who was found on Fernandina Island, can still mate and save her species … despite probably being 100 years old.
The top of the iconic Darwin’s arch in the Galapagos Islands crumbled into the Pacific Ocean from natural erosion.
The area around the arch is a popular diving spot.
Tragically, not all of the endangered tortoises survived the transport. A police officer has been arrested in the alleged smuggling case, authorities said.
Skylar Mack was sentenced to four months by a Cayman Islands judge who wanted to discourage similar behavior.
The coronavirus pandemic has affected summer plans across America, but for these lifeguards in New Jersey, ensuring the safety of beachgoers is still their first priority.
Some people seem to confuse lower COVID-19 risk with no risk. But the outdoors aren't magic, and you should still take precautions.