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King tides and rising sea levels are creating an affordable housing crisis in Miami, Florida.
Some people turned the packages in to law enforcement. Officials are searching for the ones who did not.
"Doomsday prepping except we're just packing up for a day at the beach."
Video shows an officer repeatedly punching 20-year-old Emily Weinman in the head during an arrest in Wildwood, New Jersey.
Could there be a greater goal than hygge vibes?
Playa del Carmen, Mexico: 7 percent cheaper   Tucked along the Yucatán Peninsula’s Riviera Maya strip of Caribbean shoreline
1. Hacienda AltaGracia (Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica)
If tourists, crowds and lines make you anxious, why not take the road less traveled?
Even the most adventurous travelers have their favorite repeat destinations.
JAIPUR, INDIA Known as the “Pink City,” the capital of Rajasthan envelopes you in a history lesson as soon as you take in
Spectators first laughed and cheered, then scattered, screaming.
BARCELONA, SPAIN Get your credit cards ready. We eyed round-trip flights from NYC to Barcelona for under $400 throughout
KIRUNA, SWEDEN For the indigenous Sámi people of northern Scandinavia, the aurora borealis were thought to be the energy
Cross-posted from Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands.  The U.S. got clobbered.  Three category
7. Appalachian Trail - Ellijay, USA This trek is one of the longest hiking-only footpaths in the world, taking you through
4. Salento, Colombia Traditionally a coffee town, Salento is fast becoming one of South America’s top tourism destinations