Visualization means growth

Visualization means growth
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Jim Carrey did it, Jack Canfield also and my wife and I also. Our visualization brought us to the Fuji mountain and we even did a video on the Fuji mountain in Japan about how to visualize. Here are three advices for you.

1. Create real pictures and put emotions into it

What is your goal? Is it to buy a new house? Then print your dream house and put your face or your whole body in front of your dream house. Create real pictures with Photoshop or other tools in order to create your visualization. It is important to have a real picture because your mind will save this picture easier and will remember it longer. A picture is accessible more easily than words and sentences and creates emotions. This is by far the most important thing: getting excited about your visualization and bringing emotions into it. Took one of your goals and create a real picture and put emotions into it.

2. See it on a daily basis

The next step is to put it somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis. In our case we put our picture of the Fuji mountain into the living room. We saw it every day specially when we don`t thought about it. So it gets to the subconscious mind and the brain is looking for ways to achieve this goal. Our brain is organized around goals, so if you have a long-term goal it will try to achieve this goal. Create your visualization and put it on a place where you see it on a daily basis.

3. Share it and speak about it with other like-minded people

A good way to boost your goal achieving is to speak about your goals with people that are like-minded. Share your goals and also how you're going to achieve your goals. Always be positive about your goal and also describe the feelings about when you achieved your goals. It is important that you feel energized and excited when you talk about your goals.

Visualizations are a good way in order to achieve your goals faster and it will separate yourself from other people who have some goals but are not serious about them. So, prepare yourself and invest some time for your visualization. If it is really a worthy goal you should definitely do it.

Here the video on the Fuji mountain

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