Wake Up America

It’s quite simple really. In this article I will put the case for the undecided as to why I believe Donald Trump is unfit to be president. For many months now we’ve seen Mr Trump wield this air of celebrity around his campaign to become the nominee. We indulged his racist, xenophobic, sexist and homophobic comments because we believed he was kidding, wasn’t he? We watched as he was anointed the undisputed nominee for the GOP a few weeks back. But this last week Mr Trump has continued along the same path he did running up to the GOP convention with his radical and very often, extremist views of mostly ethnic minorities and the state of America. In short, a campaign that had up until the primaries and into the GOP convention been, the norm for any candidate seeking the highest office in the land in so far as Mr Trump had secured that party’s nomination. This last week has given us more of an insight in to who this man really is. His mask slipped once too often and this wannabe candidate for President of the United States showed the American people, his true colours.

Mr Trumps supporters will tell you that his gaffs two weeks ago were unforced errors on his part and he should stick to the script of the campaign and attack Secretary Clinton. Instead Mr Trump chose to be himself and that’s very crucial….’DONALD TRUMP CHOSE TO BE HIMSELF’. It’s an important thing to remember and, is the essence of this article and his would be Presidency. The American people and the world have been getting a glimpse of who this man really is and how and what he ‘really’ thinks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat or independent. Any sane individual should think his behaviour and comments as inappropriate and not befitting the leader of the free world and yet he continues to, astonishingly, enjoy the support of a solid bedrock of voters who believe he is not only going to make America Great again but, take America back to the golden years. I dread to think what era or decade they’re referring to. Also many of his supporters believe in an America that is cleansed of Mexicans, Muslims or possibly even African Americans. I bet if you were to take a survey or poll of those Trump voters and asked if they would like to go back in time where African Americans were slaves and whites ruled supreme and the south was left to its own vices, I think the resounding majority would say ‘yes’. This is the America that many of Donald Trump’s supporters would love to see. Don’t take my words for it but look the behaviour of his supporters at his rallies and the disdain Trump has for minorities in this country.

This is an America that Trump would have you believe he is not looking to recreate but unwittingly, as he lacks the intelligence to comprehend his actions, he and his policies are and would do just that. This would have been unthinkable many, many months ago and was certainly laughed at but now ‘it’s becoming a stark reality’.

What we saw last week was nothing short of what a Donald trump presidency would look like. Full of lies, bigotry, deception, ‘me first’ attitude, vindictive, calculating, vicious, nasty, intolerant....the list goes on. Now, he’s been forced to face the music and been told in no uncertain terms ‘EITHER BUCK UP YOUR IDEAS AND CHECK IN THAT EGO OR FACE POLITICAL OBLIVION AND A CLINTON LANDSLIDE’. In other words, both his running mate and campaign manager have told him in no uncertain terms that he will have his toys taken away from him unless he cleans up his room! Over the last few days Mr Trump has been forced to realize that whether he likes it or not he needs the support and more essentially the ‘voters’ who support GOP politicians like the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and war vet and Republican congressman John McCain. Therefore, he has been ‘forced’ to check in his ego and endorse both candidates facing re-election. If the truth be known, Mr Trump doesn’t give a damn about Paul Ryan or John McCain but he does give a damn about their voters and desperately needs their backing if he is to win over enough support to beat Hillary Clinton this November. For now, Mr Trump doesn’t believe in unity as much as anyone believes the Earth is square or that Vladamir Putin is Russian. Trying to gloss over the whole issue by legitimizing his action with reference to president Ronald Regan’s famous ‘big tent’ speech, is just confirmation that he clearly didn’t think this up himself. In fact when he did endorse Ryan and McCain he had to read from a piece of paper and not go off script. The whole speech was written for him and clearly his political masters thought it too dangerous for him to formulate his own words during the appearance in Wisconsin. A carefully crafted speech to which any intelligent human being could see, was being delivered under duress. Trump was clearly uncomfortable making the speech but, he had to in order to save his would be presidency. As he has always contended, only he alone can fix the problems. The trouble with Donald Trump, certainly one of the troubles is that, he’s a salesman. He’s a one man band. He has for many years perfected the art of selling himself, his lifestyle and his promise of building something better, bigger, taller, more luxurious, blah blah blah. Every time he speaks and remarks on something it’s because ‘he did this or that’ or ‘Putin said I was the greatest or better still ‘I make the ties and shirts and other stuff, it’s the top seller in the country and it’s the best in the world’.  These are superfluous comments that have no base or substance in the presidency but more akin to a salesman trying to reel in a client or make himself look more attractive and successful. Talking of which, it has been proven and documented that Donald Trump IS NOT A BILLIONAIRE. A recent article in Newsweek will lay out the case for why he isn’t. It was written by a journalist who knows Trump very well, has had access to the books and has been interviewed on various networks refuting the claim that Trump is a billionaire. He isn’t!! It would certainly make sense as he hasn’t and refuses to, release his tax returns.

At the end of the day Donald Trump is nothing more than a con artist at best. He is and has always been a salesman from the very start. He’s selling America a vision and he simply cannot deliver. Why? Firstly, he’s a Pathological liar and has been proven as such by fact checkers over and over again. It’s totally bizarre that someone should lie and lie consistently and think they can get away with it. Secondly, he has narcissistic tendencies that go way beyond the norm of anyone seeking public office. He has an inflated ego of himself and boasts of his achievement and in his case, overachievements once again, inaccurate. Thirdly, he is simply in this to win and has no interest whatsoever in being President or carrying out the duties of the Presidency. He is simply the ‘showman’. Fourthly, he has zero experience of high office. By that token, would you see a doctor who didn’t have a medical degree, jump in a taxi where the driver didn’t have a license, employ someone who didn’t have the right qualifications or experience....and on it goes. It’s no good saying that Trump will employ those around him or the Vice President will take the lead on many decisions. If that’s the case then why are people looking to Mr Trump to become President???? He should move aside and let others take the helm. This is about leadership. This is about making tough decisions when often many are looking to you to make the right decision. This is where having experience or the knowledge of local, national and international politics is, absolutely crucial. This is more than simply winging it or sweeping the mess under the rug and hoping no one finds it. I doubt very much what Mr Trump has the calibre, temperament or even the patience to weigh and evaluate many crucial decisions facing this great nation both at home and, abroad.

Talking of abroad, to my knowledge no one single President of the United States let alone candidate has, or wanted such close relations with Russia. It is alarming and worrying to think that Russia have such a huge influence on Mr Trump and his campaign. As many of you reading this article are painfully aware, former head of the CIA and several others quite senior in the intelligence community are casting doubts on the wisdom of allowing Donald Trump to have access to intelligence. As I write this no less than 50 individuals who have served as intelligence officers under Republican Administrations are coming out saying the same thing and have gone so far as to write a letter expressing their concerns in this regard. In short, many consider Donald Trump to be a threat and as one former senior CIA officer put it, ‘we would say that Vladamir Putin has recruited Donald Trump’. This goes to the very heart of whether or not Donald Trump is fit to be President. He would pose a threat to the very country he ironically boasts so gleefully about ‘Making Great Again’. Yet by his actions or lack thereof, and his signal to Russia that he ‘may not come to the assistance of NATO allies’ is in itself, telling!

In short, Donald Trump is all of the adjectives he used last week in a press conference to describe Secretary Clinton. He is very much a tit for tat person and there is so much evidence of just how petty this man is drawing fire not only from those outside his adopted party but also from fellow Republicans. He has immense contempt for people and those who disagree with him. He has gone on record as saying ‘even if you don’t like me, you’re still going to vote for me’ and more recently, ‘if I walked down Fifth Ave and shot someone, I’m not going to lose any votes’. The stench of arrogance of Donald Trump is incalculable. If this is the kind of personality that people of America want to represent them both at home and on the global political stage then, what are we teaching our children when it comes to morals and ethics? What example is Donald Trump setting for America and to the rest of the free world. Is America so unaware of what is going on and who this man really is that they would support him unequivocally, no questions asked?

The next time you watch a Donald Trump speech or conference, make sure to have on hand an encyclopaedia, bible, Trivial Pursuit, open Google browser as well as Wikipedia, The Idiots Guide to Economics, a copy of the U.S. Constitution and of course basic books used by a fourth grader as Trump clearly gets his ideas and views from his Son’s (Baron Trump) teachings at school. YOU NEED TO FACT CHECK EVERYTHING DONALD TRUMP SAYS.

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