'Walking Dead' May Have Subtly Trolled Itself In Best Episode Of The Season

The show finally a-"dresses" a major issue.
There's something unusual about these zombies.
There's something unusual about these zombies.

The Walking Dead” just aired one of the best episodes of Season 7, and while that’s exciting, we couldn’t help but notice how the show finally a-”dresses” a major question.

Over the course of the series, some fans have seemed to notice a peculiar trend among female walkers: They all apparently decided to wear dresses on the day of the apocalypse.

Looking good.
Looking good.

Time and time again, female zombies on the show appear in maxi dresses or gowns, rather than a good ol’ pair of pants


PopSugar speculates there could’ve been a shortage of pants when the virus hit, which doesn’t make sense, but at least it would explain some things. 

Then again, maybe the women wearing pants were just able to get away easier. All the ladies in dresses are now zombies, and there’s a herd of dress-wearing undead roaming the world in search of more practical travel attire.

This style is drop dead gorgeous.
This style is drop dead gorgeous.

Whatever the reason, “The Walking Dead” finally seemed to give a nod to the unusual fashion trend on Sunday’s episode, “New Best Friends.”

The show starts out with the Kingdom getting a visit from the Saviors, but before the latter arrives, one of the Kingdom’s residents, Diane, shoots a walker in the head. She says her sister had the same dress as the zombie. 

(Of course she did, Diane! All female walkers have that dress!)

Someone says, “Don’t think about it,” almost as if the show is directly talking to us viewers, telling us not to worry about the zombie clothing.

With that, “The Walking Dead” finally at least acknowledges the zombie fashion choices. 

“My sister loved that dress,” Diane adds later.

Is this the show poking fun at the unusual clothing choices? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s just unknowingly trolling itself. Regardless, the rest of the episode just got better from there.

We learned why Rick smiled in the midseason premiere. Father Gabriel, who we find out had been taken by the mystery group, straight up asks him.  

What you smiling about, Rick?
What you smiling about, Rick?

Like we suspected, Rick wanted to get the group on his side to take on Negan, and after killing a spiked walker to prove himself, he now has a deal in place. As long as he and the survivors give the new group guns and let them keep some of the stuff they already stole from Alexandria, the new group will help in the fight.

Elsewhere, Daryl almost fell for a plan with Richard to kill some Saviors, but then he found out Richard was going to frame Carol for the carnage. That didn’t sit well with our boy.

(Richard. What a Dick, right?)

Daryl then finds Carol, and they have a sweet reunion (including multiple emotional hugs)! He doesn’t reveal what happened to Glenn and Abraham, though.

Gasp ...

That may be for another time. At least the show would finally “clothes” the door on one particular issue.

If a zombie apocalypse happens, maybe find a pair of jeans.
If a zombie apocalypse happens, maybe find a pair of jeans.
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