Washington Post Plans Glossy Magazine

Washington Post Plans Glossy Magazine

Its recently introduced incentive program for subscribers, Post Points, has signed up more than 80 advertisers and 142,000 consumers. It also partnered with a Brooklyn, N.Y., company called Outside.in to host "Buzz Maps" of blog posts and Post stories organized by precise location.

And this fall, in a move that echoes competitors such as The Wall Street Journal, the Post will introduce a glossy called Fashion Washington in a bid for luxury ad spending. "There's a huge market for that and there's a lot of our readers that I think would love it," Ms. Weymouth said. "It's just never been our forte."

But the Post still enjoys a "very solid position," so she won't try just anything. "I've had advertisers beg me to put ads on the front page, and we're not ready to do that," she said. The same goes for ads on Post-It notes affixed to the paper. "We declined to do that because we thought it cheapened the front page."

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